Hydraulic Cylinders

Dynamic Hydrofab is considered as one of the leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders use hydraulic fluid to produce linear motion or force. The hydraulic fluid is present in pressurized state. Expert team of engineers look after the operating specifications, configuration and choose the materials need for constructing such product. They even check for the defects before sending these machines to clients. These cylinders are easy to operate and maintain and are available at a very reasonable price.

Hydraulic cylinders have proper tubes, piston, ram, seals and head glands. These parts are usually made from special grade of metals to withstand heavy work load and are resistant to wear and tear. Special attention is given while preparing the head glands as these are subjected to maximum bearing loads and impacts. Cast iron or steel of best quality is generally used. To prevent any direct contact of Ram with gland a slide ring or guide tape is provided.

A wide variety of mounts are offered by Dynamic Hydrofab for these hydraulic cylinders. They can vary from custom mountings like foot mounts, trunnion and even clevis designs. The mountings are also made from special variety of steels. They come in various shapes and designs.

Almost every cylinder has quality seals. These seals are self-adjusting type. Seal –kit in these cylinders are made as per international standards. U-cup seals and compact piston seals are used for cylinders with medium pressure and rod seals and glide-rings are used for cylinders with high-pressure. Seals like piston cups and PTFE are also available. Dynamic Hydrorfab even designs machined seals as per the requirement of clients.

This is fluid powered component; convert the fluid force (forces by Hydraulic pump) into liners motion mechanical force. these are vary compact, cost effective, easy to operate products smooth drive small in size and widely used in industrial, steel plant, automotive construction, aircrafts and many more other applications. You can lift, shift, push, pull, press, draw means any work with smooth drive can be done.

Dynamic Hydrofab has technical know and expertise to manufacture the cylinders for a variety of applications even for the extremely critical ones. Each cylinder at Dynamic Hydrofab is built with the unmatched features to give you job- matched top performance and proven reliability at a price that won't stretch your budgets. Cylinders are manufactured under strict supervision of qualified staff. Special cylinders for critical application in automobiles, earthmoving, railways, power plants, steels plants- Industries etc. can be supplied with third party inspection/certification as required by the customers.

Dynamic Hydrofab cylinders provide reliability you can count on with the minimum maintenance year after year. Increased productivity and lower operating cost are other benefits of the Dynamic Hydrofab cylinders, which are equipped with the following important components:

  • Tubes
  • Ram
  • Piston
  • Seals
  • Testing
  • Mountings
Seamless steel honed barrels to a micro finish (better than 0.02ra in H8 tolerance and better) provide long piston seal life long durability of the cylinder. The barrel material is ST52.3, EN8 or required as per design
High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated and regrinded to ensure anti-corrosion and maximum seal life. Material of the rod is CK-45.
PISTONS (machined on CNC Lathe) One -piece, wide surface pistons of DHF cylinders are made of special grade steel to withstand the heavy bearing loads, wear and impact during the operation of the cylinders. Materiel Steel /Cast iron. For steel material piston, we use guide tape/ slide ring to prevent direct contact of piston with barrel (metal to metal).
HEAD GLANDS (machined on CNC Lathe) these are the components, which are subjected to heavy bearing loads, stresses and impacts during the operation. Hence these are made out of best- suited high strength steel for greater product reliability and to meet requirement of the above properties. These are machined on CNC machine. Materiel is Steel/ Cast iron. For steel material gland we use guide tape/ slide ring to prevent direct contact of Gland with Ram (metal to metal).
All Dynamic cylinders employ international quality seals that are self-adjusting for long trouble free life. Presently we are using Busak Shamban, Merkel, Hallite, Nok, Economos* or equivalent make seal-kit in our cylinders as per international norms. Compact piston seals and u-cup rod seals for medium pressure cylinders and glide - rings as piston and rod seals for high-pressure cylinders, other type of seals like PTFE seals and piston cups with V-packing are also available.

(*) Machined seals, according to your requirement of any size, design and material
Every and each cylinder is being fully tested before dispatch (100% testing) as per standard schedule or as per drawing / customer's requirement
We offer standard pinhole and clevis mounts as well as a wide variety of custom mountings such as trunnion, foot mounts, and special clevis designs.. All mounting are of steels of different designs. Click hereto Designs of Hydraulic Cylinders
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