DHF (Dynamic Hydrofab) is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and is a leading manufacturing company in aspects of hydraulic systems. We provide various solutions to the problems that are faced by people regarding their machine's hydraulic systems. Along with Hydraulic Cylinders, we manufacture a variety of other products including Power Packs and Goods Lifters.

DHF is a solution providing firm to numerous major problems. With the advancement of new technology in tipping cylinders, the cost of hydraulic systems has decreased. This is why, maximum people like investing their money in these hydraulic systems. A large number of vehicles come with these technology equipped with it. Hydraulic Systems also make carrying heavy loads an easy and efficient task. The various Hydraulic Cylinders that DHF manufactures comprise of Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders, Automotive Hydraulic Cylinders, Tipping Cylinders, Telescopic Cylinders, etc. We also make customized products as per the customer's requirement.

Power Packs are also readily manufactured in our production units. These power packs have the capability of storing large amount of energy, and can be easily transported to the place of the requirement. The working of power packs is very much similar to that of a house inverter. They store energy in the form of AC or DC, and can be used at the desired place after connecting the terminals with the required equipment. We provide our customers with the option of AC Power Packs and Compact Power Packs.

Goods Lifter is another unique product that is manufactured at our production unit. These are readily used in places where large amount of load needs to be carried to a height. Height as much as 18 feet or 5400 mm can be attained by these goods lift. It has a fork at its one end, which has the capability of getting lifted by pressure and return by weight.

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