AC Power Pack

Dynamic Hydrofab offers quality AC power pack with proper electric motor. This power pack provides proper force for lifting, moving and lowering heavy materials. These hydraulic power packs are currently used for forklift, car lift, conveyor, dock leveler and for scissor lift.

Most of these systems contain components like a reservoir pump, filler breather, suction strainer and level indicator. There are adjustable relief valves present in these systems. These valves are used for adjusting the pressure of the system. Various valves like flow control and pressure control can be added as per the demand of the client. These are made from the finest type of materials available in the market. The materials are resistant to hostile environment and also to heavy load.

These power packs are used where there is a need of hydraulic fluid. The general capacity of these power packs is around 300 LPM. A pressure of 315 kg per cm2 and power around 100 Kw is maintained. The electric motor is of 1 HP and has 1440 RPM. This is suitable for any rotary operation. Optional tail shock feed is provided. The tank which comes with this power pack is MS fabricated. The capacity of the tank is around 70 litre. Standard accessories for tank are also available. Hydraulic pump with nylon gear and pressure reducing valve is available.

These are easy to operate and the noted for low maintenance cost. The flexible hoses and fix solenoid make these machines really unique from other power packs. The packs are used for performing difficult tasks very easily. It is considered as an reliable product.

AC Power Packsoffer a wide range of high quality proven design Hydraulic power packs with electric motor up to 100kw. Unit can be custom built to provide complete system.The system contains reservoir pump, suction strainer, filler breather, level indicator, Adjustable Pressure relief valve, manifold mounted Direction control valve in minimum. Other required control additional valves like pressure control, flow control shall be added upon demand.

Applications: anywhere pressurized hydraulic fluid is required, such as molding machines, machine tool clamps, lifting devices, furnace doors, hydraulic jacks etc,

Capacity: flow rates up to 300 LPM

Functions: depends on the drawings of party or as per customers require and need Pressure up to 315 kg /cm2 Power up to 100Kw

Hydraulic Power Packs for CNC Turning Center (CNC Lathe Machine)

Hydraulic Power Pack.Capacity 1 HP 1440 RPM Electric Motor, suitable to operate rotary hydraulic chuck. Tail stock feed is available as optional.

power pack contains MS fabricated tank capacity 70 litre, standard tank accessories, manifold block, pressure
gauge, electric motor, variable hydraulic pump coupled with nylon gear coupling, pressure reducing valve,
directional control valve 24VDC (other coil voltage are optional) for safe operation, flexible hoses, optional
port for tail stock cylinder and any other application, just fix solenoid valves on already machined manifold block.

AC Power Pack AC Power Pack
Hydralic Power Pack for CNC chuck clamping