Goods Lift

DHF specializes in the production and supply of the Goods Lift and is in this field for almost 15 years now. Quality has been the main motto of DHF from the inception.

The Goods Lift is exclusively designed for heavy goods handling applications. The sole purpose of Goods Lift is to relocate weighty load from one floor of the unit to another floor, safely and quickly.

The lifting capacity of the Goods Lift varies up to 600 kilograms and is coupled with high pace and smooth running operation. The maximum lifting height is 18 feet (5400 mm) or further. The power consumption is around 0.75 kilowatts that is resourceful. The Goods Lift works on the principle of hydraulics for the upward movement, and for the downward movement, it relies on the weight of the cargo. The control system is either semi-automatic or fully steering type. The Goods lift developed by us ensures improved productivity by reducing manpower and also results in the safety of workers and materials. The installation of the Goods Lift is easier and less expensive than expected and works efficiently without pitfalls.

Maximum lifting capacity :

600 kg

Maximum lifting height :

18 feet or more

Electrical power usage :


Open Type

Lift by pressure, return by weight.

Key Features:
Brilliant performance


Rigid construction


Improved durability