Tapping Machine

Tapping Machine

Arrticulated Arm Tapping Machines are our leading products and we at Dynamic Hydrofab manufacture them with great expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities.

Tapping machines are précised, At our organization these machines are tested for accuracy under industry standard norms of ISO to deliver you with high quality assurance.

At our manufacturing units, we deliver high quality parts of tapping machine. All major parts such as Servo Motor, Gearbox assembally, and Complete Electrical controls imported from Japan ( no need to say about their quality and performance, they are best in their class). Dynamic Hydrofab is manufacturing rest of the parts at his own plant. These machines are then assembled and tested as per ISO norms.

We, at dynamic Hydrofab, have great features installed in the tapping machine which include a variable range of spindle output aped to deal with the type of component to be tapped, speedy control, easy data entry accurate tapping of wide range of materials including steel and aluminium. Special anti-corrosive paints/plastic coating are applied to take care of parts which are in direct contact of wheather or open air

To match upto your requirement levels, we, at Dynamic Hydrofab, can enhance the features of tapping machines by providing you customised services of including the features as Universal Head, 3600 any position tapping, Torque control feature machine base with accurate ‘T’ slots and lubrication on tapp, drilling and counter facing attachments

  • Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine


1. Being parallelogram Articulated arms, it gives all time parallel or predefined directional movement to the spindle
2. Being an electrical switch gear unit, you don’t have to deal with wear and tear issues and so low maintenance requirements.
3. Gives smooth operation due to seamless variable spindle speed
4. Reversal of spindle at present depth is automatic and also direction change of spindle automatically changes to normal(available in programmable model only)
5. To avoid tap breakage, emergency clutch system available in all tap holders (Tap Holder is not a part of standard equipment)
6. Quick Tap Holder Collect is provided for fast, easy, accurate and smooth operation of the machine as a standard part
7. Simple to install and operate with no special training requirements. (Videos on YOU TUBE Link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk8jpnq2nIE)
8. These are highly versatile in nature and perform the task of tapping, drilling, reaming and screwing and tightening at present depth.(optional)

Our organization Dynamic Hydrofab provides prospective buyers with different variety of tapping machines ranging from pitch control machines, single spindle machines, universal tapping Heads, horizontal tapping machines and high speed tapping machines etc. We deal in production and trade of the widest range of high-tech tapping machines All the items provided by our company are sturdy enough to keep them long lasting in performance and efficiency with zero (Low) maintenance.

  • Tapping Machine Fitted on TableTapping Machine Fitted on Table
  • Tapping MachineTapping Machine
  • Universal Head (for any Direction tapping momnet)Universal Head
    (for any Direction tapping momnet)

Major Parts

Main Equipment Consists following major components in

  • 1. High voltage protection
  • 2. Servo motor & Amplifier
  • 3. PLC control will extra modules
  • 4. Touch display & data entry screen. (HMI).
  • 5. Rigid machined structure.
  • 6. High torque gear box.
  • 7. Precision collets.

Display: Tapping speed and depth setting. Pitch etc.

Arms:Height can be adjusted; any direction of tapping can be acted within radius range of 1000 to 2000 mm.

  • 1. Alloy Steel Light weight arms, flexible to operate
  • 2. Humanize control panel, easily to set data.
  • 3. Continuous tapping capacity,.
  • 4. Tapping capacity from M3-M33 (Depends on model Range)
  • 5. Can tap any direction with universal head and 360 degree rotation
  • 6. Torque stable, long working life.
  • 7. Safety torsion collets to ensure less damage for taps; suitable for both hole and blind holes, high
  • 8. Easy operation, lightweight, high efficiency, low working strength, suitable for all kinds of weight tapping
  • 9. No need to Carry Heavy weight Job
  • 10. No Need of alignment, self alignment to hole
  • 11. Our machine can tap each part one by one, the only benefit of our machine are
  • 12. No Mis-alignment
  • 13. No manual force is required
  • 14. All time perpendicular to the work table
  • 15. Can be moved either direction (180degree) up and down (manually)
  • 16. High Tapping Speed (up to 300 RPM)
  • 17. Depth control feature with self return
Tapping Machine
Mould Auto Aerospace
Machinery Boat Building Machine building etc.
Hardware Plastic
  • Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Tapping Machine
Applicable Materials:
Lead Copper A3steel
Cast iron Q235
C45 Steel S136
Die steel 718
Model DHE 12 DHE 16 DHE 24 DHE 30
Working radius (M) 1.1 1.1 2.0 2.0
Tapping capacity M3-M12 M3-M16 M6-M24 M8-M30
Motor power (Watt) 400 400 750 1500/2000
Motor speed (RPM) 3000 3000 3000 3000
Spindle speed (RPM) 400 270 200 200
Voltage 220Vsingle phase


  • 1. Tapping depth setting
  • 2. Feed & return setting
  • 3. Spindle speed setting
  • 4. Pitch setting
  • 5. Reversal System
  • 6. Inching and Manual/Auto Control
  • 7. One button stopping

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Tapping Machine

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Tapping Machine